POEMS IN APRIL     4/29/2010

Time is measured
In eternities
With you gone…
Dragging seconds
That give minutes
A calendar
And cause
Hours to stand
Almost completely still.
I curse the sky
That tells me
Days are passing,
Curse the clock
That ticks
So incessantly,
Taunting me
And haunting me
With your absence.
There is no warmth
In our bed,
No light in the room
Even with
Every lamp burning.
My heart
Beats only
So that it can count
The milliseconds
‘Til you return,
Or sense
Its own demise
If you don’t
Come home.


Don’t show your face to me
Unless you mean every thought
Behind those eyes,
Unless you plan on staying
Through good times and bad,
Unless your honesty
Outweighs my ego.


Someone told me
Love is the worst pain imagined,
And the deepest joy….
Did they love you too?




but for a few remaining raindrops…

thunder’s gone

off to some other town

and I am left

waiting for the lights

and you

to return.


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