..It seems the little gremlins
are at it once again
playing with my sanity
like they did way back when….
I’m starting to loose items
that I never lost before,
I find them in strange places
like behind the kitchen door.

What is it with these gremlins?
Is havvock all they wreak?
Why can’t they learn a trade,
start a business, learn to speak
instead of being ruthless,
almost cruel in their pranking…
some of them should get
a damned good spanking!

It’s gremlins to the left of me
and gremlins to the right
all causing lots of chaos
in my life both day and night.
Oh, you can call me crazy-
go ahead, call me a liar!
But who else is stealing socks
from the laundry in the dryer?

It’s true, I’m getting older
but I’ve still got my wits,
and can usually tell the difference
between gremlins and the fits.
I’ll not kowtow to self doubt
for I know who is to blame
for that sudden splotch of gravy
or that hair that just won’t tame.

So if, like me your left shoes
all suddenly turn up lost
or your freshly straightened bed
is looking all slept in and tossed
don’t hurtle accusations
’til you’ve gone red in the face,
you’ve just been struck by gremlins
and you’ve got a real bad case!


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