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It’s here!  At great long last, one of my favorite times of year is truly upon us!  Autumn has been here for a while, but the autumnal holidays make it truly official! 
Of course in some ways we’ve had it going on a while…many cities have already sported then shed their arbor plumage, and of course there’s been that early snow….
Autumn  by rcw
….but from All Hallows through Thanksgiving’s final pie slice and prayer, it’s here!
That means time for apples, pumpkins, corn and cider….candy corns and horns of plenty, witches and settlers, ghosts and Spirits; it’s here!
Cooking takes on a special purpose as cherished, handed-down recipes sit side-by-side with someone’s adventurous creation. Pies, cookies, main courses….veggies, snacks, deserts….beverages…..tangible, sensuous feastings for the moment and for memory. 
My favorite thing to do, always but especially this time of year, is cooking with friends and family.  There’s nothing more fun and wonderful than putting on some tunes, getting into the proper frame of mind and cutting loose in the kitchen!
During the second part of November, I’ll be writing a lot about cookies, but will also take a moment to share a method of baking turkey that not only insures moisture, but guarantees that the white meat will be every bit as tasty and moist as the dark.  For now, all I can say is to have some brown paper or a paper bag ready.
Oh! Make sure the bag doesn’t have any ink on it.
For now here’s to frost on the pumpkin, ravens against the moon, stuffing and cranberries….and all the trimmings.  It’s Autumn! It’s here!



Glacier in a dream by rcw

Here it is, April 14, 2011… 56th birthday and the last entry for this particular blog.

To the left is the most current piece of artwork, done this morning in my usual program, CorelDRAW….this time X4.
I’ve been using the CorelDRAW series of programs since CorelDRAW 1, which goes to show how long ago this part of my learning process began.

Most of the art pieces displayed in this blog have been rendered or at least added to via one of the CorelDRAW programs. 

To date, I am still it’s humble student. Still mastering parts of it from earliest releases, let alone keeping up with current updates.

Just like life; so many layers, so many mysteries… many days. Each new day an update.

As this particular project comes to a close, I’m filled with a sense of accomplishment, but also a sense of the bittersweet. I guess that’s common as most things end.

On the one hand, I’ve completed something….maybe I didn’t write every single day, but none the less I saw it through.  That, for many -including yours truly sometimes- is a major deal.

At the same time, this year-plus project has been a unique opportunity to participate in this aging milestone in a positive and creative manner rather than limiting my vistas to taking stock in the ravages of time as marked by greying hair and sagging chins.

Not that I don’t have both. I do. and plenty of both to spare. But they are inconsequential when compared to the experiences and miracles, pinnacles and pitfalls of this life thus far. And the fact that it’s not over yet only fills me with the wonder and anticipation of a child awaiting Christmas morning.

San Francisco Homes rcw

That may not sound politically correct in this highly-charged culture in which we live, but in this year of 2011 I’m a little too old to mind my verbiage to that consistency. And besides, Political Correctness is just another  word for Censorship.

Manners are something else all together. Having respect for one another-regardless of race, color, creed, sex, generation, age, financial situation, living condition, pet ownership, species, job description or any other avenue of potential hatred (or lawsuit possibility)-should be something that is taught first at home, then reinforced in other sources of education and social interaction.

If we want our society to change there is only one way to do it….and that’s to do it.  Our public lives should be managed much as we would handle our private lives, and with at least as much responsibility, culpability and accountability. A healthy respect for Karma needs to be thrown into the mix….somehow that got away from us….skipped a generation or something.

All this fancy talk is coming from someone who’s got plenty of Karma on their back…..all of it admitted to and earned. It’s a heavy load, but no where near as heavy as that which is being drawn together for those who violate Cosmic and Common Law.   But that’s not for me to judge….I’m too busy carrying my own.

Having said all that, today feels kind of like a graduation, and I suppose it is; having re-lived memories, shared joys and heartaches, faced demons, fought depressions, found sanity; laughed, cried and written my way through over 300 entries. But more than that, having lived through those original moments and having made it thus far is, in and of itself, an accomplishment.

Jack and Randi

Not a perfect life, mind you.  To the contrary. And to those who I’ve ever hurt intentionally or not, I am truly sorry. If there was a way to change any of it I would. But we aren’t given that luxury. Please know, you are in my prayers forever and I hope you found twice as much joy as the sorrow I caused. 

In spite of or because of it all, I am fortunate to have found Jack and to have him in my life….a most wonderful person, friend, partner, lover and more.  I’ve been blessed with getting to know my birthson, with wonderful family members and friends….including Wylie T. Katz. 

Lots of people don’t have half as much as I’ve been given…and for that, there’s more that’s expected.  As is only fair in the grand scheme of things. That’s what volunteering is all about.

Teaching at Glide, working for Dennis Peron, the Co-Op have all been part of giving back to the community. Even now, although I’ve had to modify my schedule a bit, I still try to help out whenever possible. There’s still so much work to do.

Randi Webster    rcw

So as this blog comes to a close, for me personally what does Fifty Five Is The New mean? After so many examinations of the question, have I come to any conclusion?

Well, yes.  For today, Fifty Five Is The New…..Me. 
Now…onward now to the next….Let’s see what 56 is all about!

May the Holy Spirit of Peace and the Healing Power of Love abide and grow in the hearts and the minds of All…..Amen.

>Fortune cookie Futures

>Today is Thomas Jefferson’s birthday and the day before my own.  Have a good one, Tom….and thanks for the founding documents!

It started out rainy earlier this morning, woke up around 5:30 a.m. and got a chance to listen to the drops pat against the side of the house.  I love that sound…it’s great for things like sleeping or writing.

Tomorrow is my 56th birthday.  Teri and the Oakland crew celebrated with me over last weekend, but Jack and Jack White want to celebrate tomorrow with special pizza, some nice cannabis, some old movies and a couple of shots to toast the occasion.  Sounds like a good plan to me!

While at T’s we had Chinese Food-yummy!  I especially love hot and spicy Chinese food and where T gets it, they know how to do it right!  Funny thing though, my fortune cookie.  Actually I opened three…..the first one said “Prepare for something unexpected.”  The second “You will soon need to make a decision on an important matter.” and the third “Be prepared for something very soon.”

Hmmmm.  What could it all mean?

Some people don’t believe in fortune cookies or tarot cards or palm reading….they think these things are  purely superstition, evil from the devil or just something for children to do.  I’m not so sure.

The Fool   by rcw

I’ve read tarot cards before and have been impressed with the results, according to the responses of those who’ve asked me to read for them.  And I have a theory on how these things work.  In the case of tarot, I think the cards act as a kind of conduit into the psyche of the person being read. 

As for fortune cookies….luck of the draw?  Don’t know.  But I’m keeping my eyes open for what it might mean.  I know we need to be prepared for earthquakes and fiscal disaster….we’ve done our best with what we have as far as emergency supplies go.  Money is tight, but we did stock up on food and water, pet supplies and first aid.  I’m waiting on some new flashlights ordered via the internet….should be coming any day. 

Other than that, well we’ve done our best. Life goes on, and if a disaster has my name on it, I pray to face it full on in faith.  That’s it, that’s all.

So for today, Fifty Five Is The New Fortune Cookie Futures…..simply put, be prepared, don’t be scared.

>Sign of the times

>It seems that every day we’re being told about protests, wars, violence….not just abroad.  OUr own streets are becoming alive with a sense of anger.  It bristles as I walk by some people….my usual cheery “hello” stifled a bit since a experience where my head was almost torn off just because I said “hello.”

What is going on?

In Flight….rcw

Beck shows diagrams on blackboards, lining up connections between George Soros, the old Weathermen, President Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Scary in that he’s able to show films of some of these people saying things… able to show books like “The Coming Insurrection” and outline pending scenarios….and they seem to be coming down.
In fairness, I watch other news stations too and am sometimes alarmed in their lack of coverage and/or inaccurate portraying of some of Fox News persons.

I consider myself a “liberal,” but am not interested in having my country overthrown.  I believe that sis, earning a living is a good idea, I believe that a flat tax would be fair, I believe that disabled and retired persons who are currently on benefits shouldn’t be kicked off but also believe that if you don’t need it, there are others who do.

There’s a certain amount of “socialism” that works….but not as much as I sense is trying  to occur on a global level.  The EU doesn’t really work; it’s robbed the possibility of individual nations to save themselves because their hands are tied. It’s like when a person moves into a condominium or housing community…they have no rights about how the lawn looks or even, in some cases, what curtains are put in the windows!

I don’t want to live like that….don’t want to have my thoughts, my life censored.

My parents used to talk about the Communists.  When we were kids, probably during the Bay of Pigs/Cuban Missile Crisis, we had air raid drills. Mom said we were fighting the Communists; that the Virgin Mary said they would take over the world if we didn’t pray the Rosary every day.

I remember Nikita K. hammered his shoe on the table and the translator saying something about “we will bury you”.   Later he or someone else said that they didn’t have to worry about burying us, we would fall from the inside out. 

As the ’60s marched on around us, Mom surely thought the end was near back then. Now? She thinks it’s really going to hell in a hand basket.  She may be right.

I am not pleased at how these so-called social navigators are out to destroy “capitalism,” because that’s not all they are destroying.  In truth, a mix of capitalism and socialism would work best….but they don’t want that, and even worse…they want to use violence to get what they want.

Every other revolution of this type usually ends in Tyranny.

If anyone is counting votes, I’m not interested in destroying America.  I am interested in fixing it. Without bloodshed.

What I envision is transcendence….I believe it is possible. Into what? I don’t know, only that I pray it is better that the road on which we presently tread.

May the Holy Spirit of Peace and the Healing Power of Love abide and grow in the Hearts and the Minds of All, Amen.

For today, Fifty Five Is The New

>Hearts to Action


January 10, 2010 an earthquake struck Haiti.

They’re still cleaning up from it all.

Regardless of what some say, not all the aid is getting through….and that which does get through is never enough, never enough for all the help that is needed.

I don’t ask readers of this blog for anything.  Personally, the writing is its own reward… But places like Haiti, Japan….locations where hell has truly visited….they need help, so please.  Do what you can….be it money, time, or prayers. It’s all needed.

For today, Fifty Five Is The New

>Sense of Satisfaction

>Geraldine Ferrero passed.  First woman to run for Vice President of the USA on a major ticket, Ms. Ferrero passed after a long battle with blood cancer. Rest in peace.

Seems like as I age, more and more people are dying. Like every generation before, mine is coming to terms with its own mortality, albeit vicariously through our celebrated contemporaries.

I remember thinking that life would go on forever, that there was some magic bubble that was insulating me from the progression of time. At around age 40 it suddenly dawned on me that the calendar wasn’t lying.  Physical aging wasn’t bothering me; I was (and still am) proud of each gray hair, each furrow of the brow. I earned them all, and wear them proudly as badges of survival.

Just the fact that time’s passing reminded me of how much I still wanted to accomplish.

At age 55 plus, I feel a bit more content, a bit more fulfilled.  There are still a lot of thing I want to do; publish some writing, earn enough money through my abilities to get off SSI, spend some quality time with my family and birthson, perform music live on a regular basis…..and so on and so on.  But if I died tomorrow, I’d be satisfied enough for what’s taken place so far.

I’ve had my share of troubles, but have also had my share of blessings…and for both I am eternally grateful.

So for today, Fifty Five Is The New Sense of Satisfaction….a good feeling to have at this stage of the game.

>Attitude about War


Atomic Sunrise  rcw

Years ago I was much less hawkish than today; at least that’s how it sounds to me.

Many of my peers are opposed to us helping Libya….they see it as just another war, just another opportunity for colonialist USA to expand its sphere of influence.

I don’t see it that way.
I see it as the Libyans people calling for our help.  I see it as an opportunity for us to do the right thing. 

We need to live our convictions. We need to live by our words.

I am grateful that we are finally helping those people and pray for a good, swift outcome with minimal loss of life.
If that sounds too war-like for an old hippie from the ’60s, so be it.  Sometimes ya just gotta stand up and fight.

So for today, Fifty Five Is The New Attitude about war…sometimes it is a necessary evil.