Randelyn Celeste Webster (“Randi”) was born in a suburb of Philadelphia, PA on April 14, 1955 where she grew up with three brothers, a sister, mom, dad and assorted pets until leaving the nest for marriage at the age of 21, then getting divorced 3 years later.   With friend Diane, the pair struck out for San Francisco via Greyhound bus. Many years, many adventures!  Randi’s artistic expression isn’t limited to one muse….this Creative Corner is a place to give these expressions flight through prose, poetry, song writing, photography, computer graphics and fine arts, music and videography.      Randi has been a California resident since 1980.

Jack- Randi’s partner. Excellent guitarist, other half of Boo Boo’s Bargain Basement Band, also a deep thinker of many thoughts. Watch for his blog!

Boo Boo’s Bargain Basement Band  (BBB or Bargain Basement Band for short) formed with partner Jack in around 1993.  They’ve been performing at parties and protests around California and San Francisco ever since.  Sets include not only original material but country cover tunes, impromptu parodies and on the spot song writing.  They’re presently recording and producing their own music and videos out of their home made, home built studio.

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