Glacier in a dream by rcw

Here it is, April 14, 2011…..my 56th birthday and the last entry for this particular blog.

To the left is the most current piece of artwork, done this morning in my usual program, CorelDRAW….this time X4.
I’ve been using the CorelDRAW series of programs since CorelDRAW 1, which goes to show how long ago this part of my learning process began.

Most of the art pieces displayed in this blog have been rendered or at least added to via one of the CorelDRAW programs. 

To date, I am still it’s humble student. Still mastering parts of it from earliest releases, let alone keeping up with current updates.

Just like life; so many layers, so many mysteries…..so many days. Each new day an update.

As this particular project comes to a close, I’m filled with a sense of accomplishment, but also a sense of the bittersweet. I guess that’s common as most things end.

On the one hand, I’ve completed something….maybe I didn’t write every single day, but none the less I saw it through.  That, for many -including yours truly sometimes- is a major deal.

At the same time, this year-plus project has been a unique opportunity to participate in this aging milestone in a positive and creative manner rather than limiting my vistas to taking stock in the ravages of time as marked by greying hair and sagging chins.

Not that I don’t have both. I do. and plenty of both to spare. But they are inconsequential when compared to the experiences and miracles, pinnacles and pitfalls of this life thus far. And the fact that it’s not over yet only fills me with the wonder and anticipation of a child awaiting Christmas morning.

San Francisco Homes rcw

That may not sound politically correct in this highly-charged culture in which we live, but in this year of 2011 I’m a little too old to mind my verbiage to that consistency. And besides, Political Correctness is just another  word for Censorship.

Manners are something else all together. Having respect for one another-regardless of race, color, creed, sex, generation, age, financial situation, living condition, pet ownership, species, job description or any other avenue of potential hatred (or lawsuit possibility)-should be something that is taught first at home, then reinforced in other sources of education and social interaction.

If we want our society to change there is only one way to do it….and that’s to do it.  Our public lives should be managed much as we would handle our private lives, and with at least as much responsibility, culpability and accountability. A healthy respect for Karma needs to be thrown into the mix….somehow that got away from us….skipped a generation or something.

All this fancy talk is coming from someone who’s got plenty of Karma on their back…..all of it admitted to and earned. It’s a heavy load, but no where near as heavy as that which is being drawn together for those who violate Cosmic and Common Law.   But that’s not for me to judge….I’m too busy carrying my own.

Having said all that, today feels kind of like a graduation, and I suppose it is; having re-lived memories, shared joys and heartaches, faced demons, fought depressions, found sanity; laughed, cried and written my way through over 300 entries. But more than that, having lived through those original moments and having made it thus far is, in and of itself, an accomplishment.

Jack and Randi

Not a perfect life, mind you.  To the contrary. And to those who I’ve ever hurt intentionally or not, I am truly sorry. If there was a way to change any of it I would. But we aren’t given that luxury. Please know, you are in my prayers forever and I hope you found twice as much joy as the sorrow I caused. 

In spite of or because of it all, I am fortunate to have found Jack and to have him in my life….a most wonderful person, friend, partner, lover and more.  I’ve been blessed with getting to know my birthson, with wonderful family members and friends….including Wylie T. Katz. 

Lots of people don’t have half as much as I’ve been given…and for that, there’s more that’s expected.  As is only fair in the grand scheme of things. That’s what volunteering is all about.

Teaching at Glide, working for Dennis Peron, the Co-Op have all been part of giving back to the community. Even now, although I’ve had to modify my schedule a bit, I still try to help out whenever possible. There’s still so much work to do.

Randi Webster    rcw

So as this blog comes to a close, for me personally what does Fifty Five Is The New mean? After so many examinations of the question, have I come to any conclusion?

Well, yes.  For today, Fifty Five Is The New…..Me. 
Now…onward now to the next….Let’s see what 56 is all about!

May the Holy Spirit of Peace and the Healing Power of Love abide and grow in the hearts and the minds of All…..Amen.

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