>Of Budgets and Bombs

>They’re spinning speeches and trying to argue out their differences on Capitol Hill today; trying to keep the government from closing down.  As a nation, our credit card is maxed out and folks from both sides of the aisle are having a field day on getting their political points infused into the argument.

Agendas abound as the Majority Leader cites things like abortion funding as a reason for not passing the current budget, and the Minority Leader cites things like BLM employees waiting for paychecks…..spending and policy, spending and policy.  A push-me-pull-you debate that will either be settled by midnight tonight, or the United States government effectively shuts down.

They assure us that things like Social Security will not be effected….yet. $38billion in cuts being talked about.
Funding for the military is still on the table.

Personally, I wish to be off disability and earning a decent living.  Always wanted to do that and even held a few jobs, but they didn’t last long.  Only “jobs” that seem to last for me are voluntary-that is, no pay or benefits.   But when I plunk down the resume at a place for employment, my many years of computer graphics experience, typing ability (used to be 150 wpm, now down to about 100 due to arthritis) they look at my crutches and my age and all the sudden the position has been filled.

I try to earn money online, most of this involves an investment of some sort….which I don’t have.  But I do these online surveys, that helps a little; to the tune of about $50.00 a month.  Not much, but every little bit helps.

We need to get our government’s house in order….every one needs to work together, regardless of political affiliation. 

As we listen to the news, Iran’s  Shafi’ Zadeh nuclear plant is being loaded with Russian fuel.  Some say that this site is actually a weapon base. Some are saying this is a dangerous thing, while others accuse the USA of meddling in others affairs….that we shouldn’t be concerned.  What’s really going on? Which way is up? 

The news these days is enough to make one’s head spin.

So for today, Fifty Five Is The New Of Budgets and Bombs….headlines in the news, or maybe its just a crazy dream.

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