>For What It’s Worth

>Crosby Stills, Nash (and Young) sang a song “For What It’s Worth.”
That song’s going through my head a lot these days.

There’s talk that the government is going to shut down if a budget agreement is reached.  What exactly does that mean?  Do Congress and the Senate still get  paychecks?  Does the President?  Who really is effected by this shut down, and if we saw it coming why wasn’t politics set aside so that something pro-active could happen?

I don’t understand.  I don’t think even the Dali Lama could figure it out.

I am trying not to sound like I believe everything that Glenn Beck has to say, because I don’t.  But having independently checked, through sources of my own,  what he’s saying I wonder if he isn’t hitting things on the mark….at least some of the time.

Now I understand he’s leaving the Fox News Network.  I wonder where he’ll land next.

But what’s going on isn’t about personalities really, it’s about a jolting and absolute change in the world, and in our country….that change from Government to Governance is not only subtle, it is deceiving. To go from a representational structure to a managerial one is quite a shift, although the verbiage would have us believe otherwise.

Of course there are so many people in the world that on many things a consensus needs to be reached.  We need to find a way to live on this ball of dirt, ‘cos that’s all we got.   But how do we do it without either annihilating one another or becoming a planet of sheeple ruled by tyranny?

How do we find that place where there is enough governing without smothering and destroying human potential? How do we look for our best possible selves and not use that search as an excuse for promoting ethnic purity and genocide?

For today, Fifty Five Is The New

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