>Better Angels Of Our Nature

>Looking around, why should the ramblings of any one individual matter when the world all around seems poised to annihilate itself at the drop of a hat? Yet there are many people out there, blogging and keeping websites….letting their thoughts be seen/heard/experienced/shared by and with others.

And who knows, in the great somewhere out there where all broadcasts and ideas go, maybe others might be following…..

And if so, hello.

For what ever reason, we humans have been leaving monuments since we first got the idea to do so….way back when we scratched a mark onto a cliff side, built mounds, stacked rocks or built sky scrapers. But even more, we’ve been leaving records of our thoughts, words, deeds and dreams; through art, music, story telling, the printed word, poetry, dance, theater and other media. 

And let us not forget the sciences….the mathematics…..the analysis of it all that forces us to seek the meaning of it all.  This, too, is art….sharing the same longing that an artist has for brush and canvas.  This passion is also found in the job well done; be it a physics equation or sweeping a floor, delivering the mail or collecting the trash…..there’s an artistry in everything done to the best of one’s true ability.

That doesn’t mean no competition; nor does it mean everybody is going to succeed. That’s not natural, and like it or not we are natural beings. “Civilization” as a commonality seems to mean little more than that we don’t use our dinner cutlery to slit each others’ throats at a banquet.  And these days even that line has been crossed with suicide bombers taking out restaurants full of people.

I know the world is changing.  I know certain things will never be the same once this reshuffling takes place and that it’s going to get a little crazy for a while.  But I’m also going to have faith that the better angels of our nature will ultimately win, because it’s all just too beautiful….to interesting….to let it end on an ash heap.

So for today, Fifty Five Is the New better angels of our nature…..because.

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