>Slow Down

>Rush! Rush! Rush!  That’s all I seem to do; hithering and yonning until there’s nothing left of the day but pieces of evening….and even they are sliced into moments of gotta-dos.

It seems a common complaint. And I wonder how we allowed ourselves to get like this.

Is it our quest for success or at least the physical attributes that denote to the world? Are we so busy trying to prove ourselves to others that we leave no time to live for ourselves? And if so, why?

I used to obsess over getting approval; from my parents and family, teachers, church…..just like lots of other people, eh?
Truth be told, between seeking approval from others and trying to force life to bend to my  will, I wasted a lot of valuable, unreplacable  time!  And no matter what, Time Chasers never catch their quarry.

We all have done it…get so caught up in making things go according to our plans that our plans end up getting us caught up in them.  And then we’re left to wonder why we feel like fragments by day’s end….and life goes on as it did before we started muddling with it.

I’m not saying making plans are bad. Just that adaptability is a key ingredient that we should start teaching kids at a young age, so they know how to deal with life as it really is.

So for today, Fifty Five is the Slow Down, because the hurrier I go, the behinder I get.

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