>Look Forward


Randi at 1444 Market St. circa 1997

It’s getting down to the final days of this blog….after over a year of writing what Fifty Five Is the New might mean, some might wonder if I’ve come to any conclusions.

Yes, I have.  I’ll be summing it all up as April 13th  turns into April 14th and I enter into my fifty-sixth year. For now, there’s still so much going on….in the world, in the country, in the city and in my own life.
To even think of a conclusion at this point would be beyond premature…it would be patently unfair.

Today there’s news from Japan that radioactivity continues to be found in the ocean, the milk and produce and in areas outside their government’s original danger zone.

In the Middle East, people continue to take to the streets…demanding an end to despotism and tyranny.  Our country helps some of them, while others are left to fend for themselves.

It’s a sticky wicket trying to figure out the difference between political expediency and humanitarian activity sometimes.

And then of course we have our own problems here in America; the economy, the unions, the military actions….on and on. With all that, thinking about personal things seems egotistical and somehow improper.
But what is one to do?

I don’t have the answers for the world’s problems…let alone my own!  I can only struggle through day to day, dealing with things as they come up and hope for the best.  That’s what we all do here on this mortal coil. That’s what living is all about.

So for today, Fifty Five Is The New Look Forward because next is what’s coming up!

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