>Sign of the times

>It seems that every day we’re being told about protests, wars, violence….not just abroad.  OUr own streets are becoming alive with a sense of anger.  It bristles as I walk by some people….my usual cheery “hello” stifled a bit since a experience where my head was almost torn off just because I said “hello.”

What is going on?

In Flight….rcw

Beck shows diagrams on blackboards, lining up connections between George Soros, the old Weathermen, President Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Scary in that he’s able to show films of some of these people saying things…..is able to show books like “The Coming Insurrection” and outline pending scenarios….and they seem to be coming down.
In fairness, I watch other news stations too and am sometimes alarmed in their lack of coverage and/or inaccurate portraying of some of Fox News persons.

I consider myself a “liberal,” but am not interested in having my country overthrown.  I believe that sis, earning a living is a good idea, I believe that a flat tax would be fair, I believe that disabled and retired persons who are currently on benefits shouldn’t be kicked off but also believe that if you don’t need it, there are others who do.

There’s a certain amount of “socialism” that works….but not as much as I sense is trying  to occur on a global level.  The EU doesn’t really work; it’s robbed the possibility of individual nations to save themselves because their hands are tied. It’s like when a person moves into a condominium or housing community…they have no rights about how the lawn looks or even, in some cases, what curtains are put in the windows!

I don’t want to live like that….don’t want to have my thoughts, my life censored.

My parents used to talk about the Communists.  When we were kids, probably during the Bay of Pigs/Cuban Missile Crisis, we had air raid drills. Mom said we were fighting the Communists; that the Virgin Mary said they would take over the world if we didn’t pray the Rosary every day.

I remember Nikita K. hammered his shoe on the table and the translator saying something about “we will bury you”.   Later he or someone else said that they didn’t have to worry about burying us, we would fall from the inside out. 

As the ’60s marched on around us, Mom surely thought the end was near back then. Now? She thinks it’s really going to hell in a hand basket.  She may be right.

I am not pleased at how these so-called social navigators are out to destroy “capitalism,” because that’s not all they are destroying.  In truth, a mix of capitalism and socialism would work best….but they don’t want that, and even worse…they want to use violence to get what they want.

Every other revolution of this type usually ends in Tyranny.

If anyone is counting votes, I’m not interested in destroying America.  I am interested in fixing it. Without bloodshed.

What I envision is transcendence….I believe it is possible. Into what? I don’t know, only that I pray it is better that the road on which we presently tread.

May the Holy Spirit of Peace and the Healing Power of Love abide and grow in the Hearts and the Minds of All, Amen.

For today, Fifty Five Is The New

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