>Sense of Satisfaction

>Geraldine Ferrero passed.  First woman to run for Vice President of the USA on a major ticket, Ms. Ferrero passed after a long battle with blood cancer. Rest in peace.

Seems like as I age, more and more people are dying. Like every generation before, mine is coming to terms with its own mortality, albeit vicariously through our celebrated contemporaries.

I remember thinking that life would go on forever, that there was some magic bubble that was insulating me from the progression of time. At around age 40 it suddenly dawned on me that the calendar wasn’t lying.  Physical aging wasn’t bothering me; I was (and still am) proud of each gray hair, each furrow of the brow. I earned them all, and wear them proudly as badges of survival.

Just the fact that time’s passing reminded me of how much I still wanted to accomplish.

At age 55 plus, I feel a bit more content, a bit more fulfilled.  There are still a lot of thing I want to do; publish some writing, earn enough money through my abilities to get off SSI, spend some quality time with my family and birthson, perform music live on a regular basis…..and so on and so on.  But if I died tomorrow, I’d be satisfied enough for what’s taken place so far.

I’ve had my share of troubles, but have also had my share of blessings…and for both I am eternally grateful.

So for today, Fifty Five Is The New Sense of Satisfaction….a good feeling to have at this stage of the game.

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