>Game Plan

>It’s early.  I’ve got a ton of running around to do and it’s raining.  UGH!

Luckily I have a great rain poncho, so don’t need to hassle with an umbrella.  They don’t make ’em for folks like me who use two crutches and have no free hands.  Closest I’ve seen is an umbrella hat, but that’s not very practical and doesn’t really keep anything dry.

A few friends have said they’re not going outside until they’re certain the radiation from Japan isn’t coming over to California.   I got news for them, it is.  But so what! I can’t be shaking in my boots waiting for the next boogie man.  To hell with that!

Personally, I can’t hide from everything, nothing will get done!  Besides, if an isotope has my name on it, so be it.  When my time comes I’m ready.

Not that there’s nothing to fear.  There’s tons to fear….all over the place.  Between the terrorists, the pollution and (some say non-existent) global warming, the economy, the increase in global tectonic activity and just plain aging, there’s a lot to worry about.  Anybody who isn’t concerned is either dead or oblivious to the world around them.

But that’s no reason to simply stop living.  Going into hiding is a short-term solution at best. In the end, what ever it is that is the Apocalypse will happen and will hit everybody….no matter how thick the walls or how deep the bomb shelter.

The best thing we can do is just go on living.
That old Deer-in-the-headlights look doesn’t suit me, at any rate.

For today, Fifty Five Is The New Game Plan….living.  The only game in town.

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