>Working through

>We’re all here for at least one purpose.  We all have dreams, too.   Sometimes the two are related, sometimes they are not.

For years I wasn’t sure, and I think that insecurity is why success wasn’t fully realized.  Not that there weren’t any good moments, or even minor victories.  But that real “ta-da,” standing ovation type of success has always been elusive.

With everything going on in the world, I feel a little selfish even thinking about my own desires and dreams.   There are people in Japan, ferchristsake, who have more important things to worry about, to gripe about, than whether or not they’re going to make it in music, or art….hell! They’re too busy worrying about everything-like shelter, food, their relatives and friends!

Any struggle I may have experienced is little more than an inconvenience when compared to what they are going through! For my birthday, I may do one of those Make A Wish things, raise a little money for the folks over there.  I’ll look into it.

For today, Fifty Five Is The New Working Through….because we have to keep going.

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