>The goings-on in Libya are beyond extreme….and our slow response of support is an insult to the people fighting to the death for liberty.  Their leader seeks the blood of his country, while ours acts as if nothing of great interest is going on.

By virtue of our founding documents-read “mission statement”-we believe that all people have rights given them by their Creator, and that we hold these truths to be self evident.   And we died for these things and swore never to permit them to occur on our soil, within our purview, or scope of influence.

But we forgot.  We bastardized our foundations, crippled our constitution and placed greed over honor in our list of priorities.  Using what is called progress, many of our leaders have filtered the interpretation of laws, customs, cultures and conventions into something that hardly resembles the original intentions of our founders.

When will we realize that our worst enemy is not from the outside, but from within. Much of the hatred felt for us in the world, and within our own citizenry, comes from our own hypocrisy.

Here’s hoping we can change.
Here’s praying we help those brave people in Libya.

For today, Fifty Five Is the New Madmen….and we got a ton of them alive in the world today.  Some folk are even calling it the End Time.   I prefer to think of it as a period of time during our learning curve.  Let’s hope we learn these lessons well so they are never repeated.

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