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What does it all mean? All these things going on in our lives, do they mean anything more than mere happenings?

On the scale of things using the geologic time clock, our planet is just going through what it goes through every so often….part of the process.  Then again, if you look more toward the religious point of view some might say it’s the end of the world.

Living in interesting times does have its consequences; who knew they’d be anything like this?

We watch in stunned horror as more videos, pictures and stories of the Japanese earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster parade across our t.v.s and video screens.  We try to find words to express the various emotions rolling over us, much like the great tsunami waves… uprooting, forcing, pushing then dragging, pulling back out to sea….

We try to define it, this force awakening from deep within our planet. We try to put it in a box so we can understand it, but it doesn’t quite fit.  The box doesn’t shut tight, its’ contents are permitted to peek out from beneath the lid.

Sometimes it makes me want to run and hide….fear does that.

But we can’t live like this, can’t live under the lodestone of fear; can’t be made to believe all is lost.
The planet is part of us, we’re part of it. 

For better or worse, for what ever it is, we are here now…..and alive.

So for today, Fifty Five is the New Definition….being alive now, in the moment….even though it’s difficult, calling it like we see it….life.

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