>Fifty five, fifty five…here I am, I’m still alive.

 Looking at the world these days, who knew any of us would last this long?  And who knows what’s going to happen tomorrow?

View From Our Studio

A funny thing has taken place inside of me….I’m more watchful, like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop or something.  The earthquake in Japan stirred something in my innards that I just can’t get rid of or ignore.  I’m having an even harder time getting to sleep, and when I do sleep there are sometimes dreams, strange dreams of water coming over walls and buildings crumbling.

Some may think that’s just so much drama, but San Francisco residents take seismic events personal.
I know our city is somewhat prepared for the inevitable.  My hope is that politics hasn’t made for cutting corners and accepting lower standards.

On the plus side, our city has NERT….if it hasn’t been defunded.

We’ve been preparing for a while already….emergency water, food stashed.  We could be better at it, although I am glad to report we have some brand new flashlights. But I need to replenish our First Aid Kit and make sure I have plenty of emergency things for Wylie our kitty.  Then I’ll feel better.

For today, Fifty Five Is The New Preparedness….something we need to acknowledge, accept and practice every day, because everything depends on it.  Including our own lives.

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