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Rough Road Sign – “You Drive”

We sit in utter horror after utter horror over the past several days; watching as Japan is laid siege under the forces of nature and their consequences.

Latest reports are that the earthquake registered 9.0, the earth shifted 10 cm on its axis, a very wide and deep trench opened up in the earth near Japan, minimal 10,000 people died in the tsunami alone, and some nuclear power plants are in failure.

At this point, a nuclear melt down is just about eminent after loosing power to the cooling mechanisms that were destroyed in the tsunami following the earthquake.

We are, as a planet, dangling by a thin, thin thread.

Prayer is a good thing.

It helps keep some of us going when all else is madness and terror.
I pray for comfort, help, hope and peace for those people in Japan…..that their troubles lessen and that the meltdown can be averted or at least kept to a minimum level of damage.

I pray that we as a species learn to treat each other right; stop using politics as a means to deny personal responsibility and that we help one another through the difficult times ahead.  For indeed there are difficult times ahead as planetary changes take place.

We can live in denial a long, long time….humans are actually pretty good at it!  One of our best talents.  But sometimes it’s just not the right thing to do.

Preparation is important. Anybody who doesn’t know what to do can go to places like 72hours.com for what to do….check local areas for something like NERT (Neighborhood Emergency Response Team), and just plain get out and get to know your neighbors….someday you-all are gonna have a lot in common-like survival.  Might not hurt to say “howdy” now and then, eh?

This isn’t just about earthquakes and tsunamis…..it’s abut any disasters, natural or otherwise, and how to stay alive ’til the dust settles.

For now, we sit on the head of a pin as revolution and planetary revolt hold court….watching and wondering what’s next.

So at the moment Fifty Five Is The New Japan and the world, because nothing is ever going to be the same now….

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