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Chaos and Sense  rcw

This planet is in a state of chaos, from the creatures on its surface to the very innards of its being. I believe that the two are intrinsically related…that the unrest we are experiencing within our selves is part of the same energy stream that’s making the Earth shutter and transform.

Because that is what’s happening to us, as well.  We are shuttering and transforming, too

As a nation, we are being forced to re-examine ourselves to the very core, our foibles laid bare on the global stage  – our hypocrisy revealed.  What we do now in our relationships with Egypt, Libya, Iran and so on must speak for who we truly are as a people, as opposed of what we hope to get out of them.

America is a great country.  We were established in good soil, by a group of individuals who saw first hand what it was like to live under tyranny. They literally fought to establish these United States based on the fundamental belief that people are born with “certain inalienable rights.”

Do we really understand what that term means?

It means these rights are not able to be withdrawn or alienated from their owners, us…..people….human beings…citizens of the world. We are not permitted to do the things we do to one another as a species on a daily basis; but we continue to do these things anyway.

Why is America hated so much?  Simple.  We set our own standards in our founding documents, then found a way to debase them.  The great hope turned to the great hypocrite, preferring political gains over human rights.

And we wonder why we’re targeted and derided…even by some of our own citizenry.

We have to change our course now, or the American Experiment will surely pass into legend with a single, exhausted gasp.

I believe we have a greater destiny than that….if we only have the courage to try.

For today, Fifty Five Is The New Great Hope….the hope of change…for the better.

Update on Japan’s Earthquake:
Japan’s coastline moved by 13 feet, shifted Earth on its axis, nuclear power plant(s) damaged.

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