Moonscape   rcw

Our galaxy, spinning out in space with countless others….I wonder how many other planets sustain life; life as THEY know it as opposed to what we have the audacity to claim as “life.”

It doesn’t have to be base in carbon, doesn’t even need water…it just has to be on its own terms.

I wonder who might be out there, if they’re wondering the same things…dreaming of traveling, of finding out what lies beyond their own galaxy’s boundaries.  Will our progeny meet? Will they find a way to live in harmony, improve each others’ lot and make the universe a better place to live?

What is evident is that life is curious…how so?  By virtue of its own existence, its insistence on surviving – through evolution and adaptation…there’s gotta be a hunger to know what lies beyond the moment and .curiosity is the first teacher.

The universe is amazing, but it is not alone. There’s more than one…to me they are as countless as eternity.

For today, Fifty Five Is The New Neighbors, our friends out there in space….howdy thar, y’all!

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