A street in North Beach  by rcw

The world is going crazy so I’m going to think about something else for a few moments.

Something like one of my favorite things.
My home.

I love North Beach!

It’s that perfect mixture of cultures and people.  It’s where the very-very get to rub shoulders with the not-so-much, and where a person can still sit at an outdoor cafe, sip wine while watching the world go by.

I want to save up a few pennies and sit outside the Mona Lisa or Caffe Greco for a couple of hours, just sipping on a glass of wine and seeing what happens.

I had the chance to do that a few years back and it was a lot of fun. People we didn’t even know stopped by to chat…we ended up with a few tables full of folks, all talking about their home towns, the opera, politics…whatever.   I think we even helped bring some business to the place by sitting there having a good time, because the manager came out and gave my friend and I a complimentary wine and even a small appetizer.  Gee….it pays to have fun!

North Beach is like that.  Given the chance, magic can happen and usually does.

So for today, Fifty Five Is The New Appreciation…for the simple things in life; a good home, a great neighborhood and good times.

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