>Operating System Blues


Music is at a standstill right now, Jack’s not feeling well.  So I’m getting caught up with some other work; which is good.  Been having some trouble with the computer-the Mac, believe it or not!  Wouldn’t you know it, the iMovie 09 program is getting glitchy!  Ugh!

We’ve come to depend on it so much because it’s just a quick little program for getting video product out and online quickly with minimal muss or fuss.  Or so I thought!  Everyone keeps touting about the ease of use of the Mac computers, but hey!  They have the same problems as the IBM; except it’s harder to do the systems work on a Mac!  Ugh again!

Oh well, the rest of the computer is okay so far….but gee whiz! Back to the IBM movie making programs until we can get iMovie working right.

For now, Fifty Five Is The New Operating System Blues….Mac or IBM or whatever – they still happen, regardless of advertisements!


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