>Tempest In A Teacup

>The world is a changing place indeed…to be alive right now is to be truly part of a history which will be written, studied, analyzed and rehashed over and over again.

Some wonder why Americans are hated so much.  I’m glad that there are elected officials and others who are citing our nation’s hypocrisy as the real reason we’re targeted by so many.  Boy are they right!

How can we give nations “Most Favored Status” if they are still abusing their citizens?  How can we do that?   Our nation has pretty founding documents with wonderful words written on them, but they aren’t worth half of the paper they’re written on if we don’t live by them.

I hope we can stop this behavior, get back on the right track and start being real now.  Perhaps doing that we can put a stop to all this violence and jihad.

For today, Fifty Five Is The New Tempest In A Teacup, spinning ’round and ’round like a Disney ride….hoping not to get seasick before the ride”s over.

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