>Warm and Fuzzy

It’s absolutely COLD, even in the house!  Now this is winter weather!  Not quite the cold like we have back east, but it’ll do for a memory.

What I love most is the smell in the air-first thing you get is a trace of something brought down from the mountains; must be snow.  I can close my eyes and remember that unique, sifting sound as flurries and flakes fell around us on our way home from midnight mass.  My mom, sister, brothers and I walked that night because the snow was so deep.

We threw a few snowballs, made snow angels and were pretty much soaked and frozen when we got home.  Hot chocolate and home made Christmas cookies soon had us warm once more.

I know the world is going through a million changes; some good, some maybe not so good.  I acknowledge the times in which we live but tonight I just want to think about something different, something comforting, like making snow angels and drinking hot chocolate.

So for today, Fifty Five Is The New Warm and Fuzzy, because sometimes that’s what’s needed most…a chance to snuggle deep inside a favorite blanket….safe…..warm.

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