>Remembering Utopian Eyes

> Thinking about Bro Jud….our 80+ year friend who passed a year or so ago. 
Meeting him in person and working with him for a number of years was an incredible experience on a lot of levels. Not the least of which is the fact that I elwas reading his underground newspapers years before we became acquainted. 

Bro Jud Presmont

Diane and I had gone to San Francisco in 1978 for a month. I thought that some time and space apart from one another might help improve things on the home front.


While out there, we ran across these publications entitled “Utopian Eye.” They were well done; more newspaper than newsletter….jam-packed with artsy illustrations, thought provoking articles and interesting comic strips. 

Jack on Bro Jud’s Show

Naturally there was a thematic vent to the whole thing…Utopia. 

A lot of the articles centered on this commune known as Kerista.  Like most communes, they lived collectively.  Unlike many, they openly practiced polyfidelity and the creation of intentional communities.

When we came back to Pennsylvania a month or so later, I had several of issues of Utopian Eye stashed in the back pack. I wanted to keep a mental connection with San Francisco and all its uniqueness.

Randi on Bro Jud’s Show

As fate would have it, we did move to San Francisco….then to L.A….then back to San Francisco where I met Jack and eventually we met up with Bro Jud Presmont and began appearing on his t.v. show, Bro Jud On Love Energy, off and until 2008, when Diane’s health took priority over everything as it took a turn for the worse.

We’ll always be grateful to Bro Jud for his encouragement and  t.v. experiences as we developed our sound and style.  He will also always be remembered for his support of the San Francisco Patients’ Cooperative creative programs and patients’ services. 

These pictures are 1) Bro Jud smiling 2) One of my favorite pictures of Jack 3) Yours truly.

For today, Fifty Five Is the New

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