>February Snow


Midnight Ride by rcw

All the news programs are talking about the possibility of snow falling in San Francisco.  At the same time there’s denial and rhetoric about global warming.  Hmmmm.
In the Actions Speak Louder Than Words category, I’d say nature is trying to tell us something.

For what it’s worth, I’d like to see a little bit of the stuff; been several years since I’ve made a snow ball in my hometown.  Last time was in Philadelphia, probably shortly before moving out to California about a million light-years ago.

We used to sled down Graveyard hill, up behind the billboards at the bus station.  The slope was fairly steep and got slick quickly under the guidance of our various conveyances.  Mine for a long time was a standard two blade Radio Flyer wood sled…then I got the disk sled one year and set about finding new ways to launch myself. 

Obviously I survived,  although there were a few close calls.

Today I could focus on the world going to hell, but no.
We shall pause and watch for a while to see if a few flurries grace our neighborhood.
So for now Fifty Five is the New February Snow,  a miraculous possibility and a good memory.

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