Wylie T. Katz in the studio

We paws here to acknowledge the contributions of one Wylie T. Katz to the everything that is Boo Boo’s Bargain Basement Band.

No ordinary mouser this; Wylie has talent, spunk, moxie and lots of cat-a-tude.  To be honest, he’s slightly wild and has even bitten a couple of times, but aside from that he’s pretty good.

Diane got him for me when Ginger passed. Ginger had been a truly wild cat; a warehouse kitty actually. But for some reason he decided to live with us.  It was like living with a deer.

Wylie’s not quite that wild.  We got him when he was still young enough to get used to being with people.  Ginger never quite got to that stage.  When company came, he’d hide.  But when it was just us, he’d come out and sit with us.

Wylie is a social kind of guy….if he gets the vibe that he likes you.  If not, he hides….but keeps an eye on everything from one of his many favorite perches around the house.

He likes being in the studio with us, listening while we do our thing.  Its nice to think he likes our music, but is just as apt to lick his very fluffy tail as anything else when we ask for an outright opinion.
Who says cats don’t understand the Mother Tongue?

Anyway, for today Fifty Five Is The New Cat-A-Tude….Wylie T. Katz, our mascot and my friend.

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