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Us in the Caddy    2/2011

Jack and I have a lot in common; music, humor, ideas….one of our favorite commonalities is cruising.  We love road trips, camping and especially dirt-road driving.

These days driving around is quite the luxury, with gas prices soaring and shortages threatened all the time.   So we’ve had to cut back on the number of trips we take.

We are planning to do a camping trip sometime in May or June….we’ll head out to Mendocino National Forest, in particular Bear Creek.  There’s a great place to camp!

We went there on our first weekend together way back in 1992; that’s when I knew this was no ordinary weekend….it was the beginning of something very special.

We still go there periodically and enjoy the beauty and to shake the city out of our bones.

It’s not a “regular” campground.  No bathrooms, running water or clubhouse.  That stuff is reserved for folks going to the official camp areas.  Where we go is where hunters usually go; clearings along the side of dirt roads; there’s a fire pit and a picnic table and that’s it.  Lots of trees and nature.

We bring in everything we need…tent, food, water, guitars….That’s real camping!  Jack and I pitch the tent, get the fire started and for a few days that’s our world.  No t.v., no distractions.

We want to go there again soon.  Hopefully we can.  But even if we can’t, we still have our memories.
For today, Fifty Five Is The New Camping days….Bear Creek….hoping to go back again

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