Patients, Not Criminals  by rcw

It’s been fifteen years, more or less, since California’s Prop 215 passed. Since that time, upwards of 20 states have come on board in support of medical cannabis.

Yet patients are still being busted, legal suppliers and gardens are still being raided.

At the same time, places like California are taxing the proceeds of making medicine available to patients, even though no other medicine is currently being taxed if it is recommended by a physician.

Human beings doing what they do best…finding ways to mess with one another.  And we wonder why we can’t find peace.  Heck, we can’t even let go of our domestic hypocrisy….how does anyone expect us to get rid of our global hypocrisy?

We gotta begin doing so on the home front….starting with our individual selves. We gotta start living like we mean it.

For today, Fifty Five Is The New Conviction…renewing and reviving our moral centers, starting within.

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