>Drug War


Moonscape Fractal  by rcw

Forty years ago yesterday (2/16), the Drug War in America was declared.
Where has it gotten us?

Some may argue that drugs are evil, that they destroy lives   There are people who have problems with drugs; but just how much exposure and demand would have taken place without prohibition?  I think that’s the real culprit.

How can we know how to act responsibly if we’re not given the option to be responsible?

Now I’ll admit to having had my moments dabbling in different substances back in the ’60s….but I soon got most of it out of my system. I think we have to figure out how to make life more worthwhile for ourselves, then perhaps we won’t have to run away from it so much….so deeply.

At the same time, a certain bit of intoxication is actually okay….and we aren’t the only species who thinks so.  Ever watch a cat with catnip?  I rest my case.

For today, Fifty Five Is The New Drug War….Moderation not prohibition.   End the Drug War.  40 years of Injustice and a failed

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