Rain out the studio window

It’s raining….we just got back from an appointment and got inside before it started.
Absently I turned on the t.v..

 The news is disturbing; Iran has a naval presence heading to dock near Syria. The ships are going through the Suez Canal tonight.

This has never happened before.  Why?
I am concerned.  The times we are living in are dangerous and wanton.

Some people think there is a 12th Imam in the works.  Some people think this is a good thing, others think it means the “anti-Christ.”

As I said, we live in interesting times. 

Some folks say that there is a holy war in progress, from Libya and Iran and other far-flung places.

We are all part of the universe – even Yemen. Even Bahrain, even Jordan….even Iran…but there’s blood, blood, blood in the streets.  We sit here in our ivory towers, huddled in our beds with covers up to our noses….feigning fascinated interest.

What is going on?  Some folk call it the end of the world.  Some call it change.  Growing unrest it’s called by others…in the Sudan, the Ivory Coast….even closer to home, in Mexico. 

We’re on the verge of it here as well, as prices rise and wages lag or completely disappear.  Those on disability benefits are in danger too. Something’s gotta give.  My hope is that civilization is not the victim but the victor.  My fear is that we may have some grave times ahead.  My prayer is that we as a species survives and moves on to something better, far better than what it seems we’re heading for now.

I think it a good idea to stock up now on rice, canned goods, charcoal, water and cat needs now, before prices go any higher.

May the Holy Spirit of Peace and the Healing Power of Love abide and grow in the Hearts and the Minds of All. Amen.

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