>2/15 Revisited


Blessing for Medical Cannabis   by rcw

It’s February 15.
To the Medical Cannabis Community it  is an important date, celebrated with a week of activities ranging from public planting of cannabis seeds to Open House forums and parties.

When the SFPC was up and running, it usually hosted a Health Fair/Party that included guest speakers, entertainment, information and lots of food.

The Co-Op folks viewed cannabis as a sacrament, as a gift from the Cosmos, as something positive in the world.  We blessed our medicine every day at 4:20 with our patients.  Also, when new medicine came into the back office, it was blessed by one of us ordained folk before it was processed.

I’ve received a few calls today from folks wishing a happy 2/15.  Familiar voices, beloved people….true friends.

I didn’t attend any of the events this time; no particular reason, just didn’t feel like going out and being social.
Sometimes I think it’s because all I hear about is how much people miss the Co-Op.  On the one hand it feels good to know that the project actually did do what it set out to do.  On the other hand, it sure makes me feel bad when folks start crying over the loss of their Medical Cannabis Community Center. 

I blame myself for its demise and hope that someone, somewhere revives the dream of a place for patients to be; uninhibited, able to participate in activities, receive services, see friends…able to see their history housed and displayed, able to spend time without being told to leave after an hour.

For today, Fifty Five Is The New 2/15 Revisited…in honor of Prop 215, and the community it built.

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