>Body Politic

>The fires of revolution burn throughout the world – in some places it has erupted like Vesuvius, while in others it smolders right below the surface…..waiting for its time to burst forth.
We live in very interesting times.
In our own country, we’re having a revolution of sorts as Congress works to re-master or do completely away with programs instigated by President Obama that have been deemed budget killers.

Some thought that our first African American President would bring with him real change in how government is done; not so.  Rather than unifying, he polarized our country….not single handed, he had help through the arrogance of both major political parties. Their respective indolence and constant bickering didn’t allow for an atmosphere of true non-partisan policy making.

The recent elections were a wake-up call for Washington D.C.; those that survived the cut were put on notice and quickly scrambled about, getting up to speed on what their constituency have been saying while the newly elected members, some Tea Party supported, came to work with ideas for cutting budgets and “getting the house in order.”

Economic problems are rampant, globally and locally.  When there is no money, people cry out….when there is no food, they march.   My prayer is that we find a way through our own problems before things get worse…..globally and locally.

For today, Fifty Five is the new Body Politic….If the People Lead, the Leaders Will Follow-let’s hope the right People are doing the leading.

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