>Appreciating Life


North Beach Deli-by rcw

A person can be poor as a church mouse and still find a way to feel like a million in North Beach.  Just walk down Columbus…take a peek inside a deli, take a sample of a few cheeses and bread. 

Mosey on down to the chocolate shop and get a sample of fudge to finish it off!

Between all that and the life going on all around, there’s a lot to enjoy. The street musicians, the usual corner beggars who’ve been there for years….the usual crew hanging out at Trieste.

I am grateful every day for having such a wonderful neighborhood.  I have been blessed and will never forget it.

Granted, I’ve had moments when the same sort of thing only adds to the depression…a person’s got to be careful when it comes to things like that.

Just like taking a drink; perhaps not the best thing to do in the throes of a woe-is-me.

So for today, Fifty Five Is The New

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