The world needs to be wrapped up in a snuggley blanket, given a mug of something warm and comforting and made to chill out ’til it’s over this whatever it is that’s going on.
Seriously folks! It’s got everybody on edge!

I was watching t.v. when the whole thing in Egypt erupted and all of a sudden I heard explosions in our neighborhood.  Woah!  For a few seconds there I wasn’t sure what to do…grab the cat, grab the computer, grab Jack…run…run where?  A million thoughts raced through my head….we’d be safe in the house so long as nobody got cute with fire; we had provisions for a little while but gee whiz! This wasn’t the kind of earthquake we had in mind when making our preparations!

In The Studio…long live music!

I was about to figure out a make-shift panic room when I remembered it was time for New Year’s celebration in Chinatown….so after peeling myself off the ceiling it was time for a good laugh.

A body can take only so much tension and bad news before something snaps; either for the bad or good.  In this case, it was for the good so I’m grateful.

After wishing each other Gung Hay Fat Choy, we decided the best thing to do was be creative so we turned the t.v. off and went down the hall to the studio and recorded “Dusty Old Bar Stool,” one of our most country-influenced songs to date. This one’s been kicking around since about 04 or 05, but only recently have we been able to do any really good recordings.

It sure felt good to be doing something creative!

Well anyway, for today Fifty Five Is the New Creation….be it music or government, the beat goes on!

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