Randi and Dennis Peron @ 1444 Market Street hanging cranes  

Had dinner with Dennis Peron and several other members of “the family” from the old days.  John Entwhistle, Richard Eastman, Doctor Stephen Ellis…a roster of historic names, historic people gathering ’round the table discussing the future of medical cannabis.

It was wonderful, incredible and at the same time a call to arms.  Prop 19 almost passed. Prop 19 would have made cannabis “legal” in California for people over 21 years of age, with a hefty bunch of restrictions, taxes and so on…but no protections for medical cannabis patients, their affordable access to medicine, or Prop 215, were included in this law.

The argument during Prop 19’s campaign was that “we need to do this…we need to legalize cannabis. Period.” No regard for already established law….no regard for how Prop 19 would effect medical cannabis patients’ affordable accessibility.  And what shocked me most at the time was that many so-called enlightened members of the community were voting in favor of Prop 19, in spite of the flaws, exclusions and inherent dangers…why?  Because “we have to show our support.”   Lame, weak, sell-out excuses.

There is a gathering in Oakland tomorrow, trying to write a new version of Prop 19. Dennis and several others are going to pass out flyers, try to make people think about what they’re doing. If there is public comment, they’ll speak.  I can’t believe at a recent event they either wouldn’t let Dennis speak, or created a ruckus after he talked.  How rude!  Dennis Peron is the LAST person who should be treated like that at a cannabis event!  Who do those people think they are?

I’m hoping to go for a bit to this thing tomorrow….we’ll see how things seem in the morning.

It’s late so I’m going to get some rest.

For today, Fifty Five Is The New 215…an oldie but a goodie….and an idea who’s time has come, again. Happy 15th Anniversary, 215….1996-2011.  The battle rages on.

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