>thoughts on homelessness

>Been a month since Christmas…..we’re getting lots of rain. 
I don’t mind it really, in fact I enjoy the sound of the drops against our windows.  Makes me think of how fortunate we are to have a roof over our heads and warm blankets.

It may not be perfect here, but is far, far better than what many others are dealing with tonight. 

Diane and I had some experiences sleeping outside…we camped out in Golden Gate Park back then, did the whole “homeless” bit including eating at Glide and St. Anthony’s (Green Meat Surprise), and even ate out of a dumpster or two when it got real bad.  We survived, but it wasn’t easy, wasn’t comfortable and certainly wasn’t what most folks call a good quality of life.

So tonight while I’m sitting warm and safe under my blanket in my North Beach apartment, I’m led to thoughts of those less fortunate….and send prayers that they find comfort, warmth, compassion….and a way out, if they want it.

Fifty Five is the New Thoughts of Homelessness….it could happen to anyone.

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