Contemplation on Guests

Peacock Feather Fantasy  by rcw

Morning after our friends left…I miss Jan and Vincent already. They are such dear souls.
We had a good time though, and even went for a drive across the Golden Gate Bridge to Muir Beach then the Marin Headlands before bidding farewell ’til next time.

It was a wonderful, sunny day….perfect surf, sun and company. Some people are no trouble at all as guests; they have an ease about them…they enjoy things like cooking together (cooking together is one of my passions!) making music and conversation…those kind of visits aren’t draining emotionally or physically.

We’ve had visitors who require constant attention; it’s almost like having a baby or young child rather than an adult on hand.  I won’t name names, and it’s been a while between these kinds of guests-by choice.  After a visit like that, Jack and I (and even the cat) are worn out for days.  We just can’t do it any more.

It’s moments like that when pulling the Senior Card pays off, as in “We really don’t entertain like we used to these days; it takes too much out of us.”

Perhaps admitting this on such a public forum is bad form; some folks who’ve not been invited back to stay for the weekend at our house may wonder if they are on that list of “High Maintenance Folk”   Oh well  We love to make guests feel comfortable and welcome….but here is a difference between hospitality and servitude.

If you’ve been in touch and we’ve invited you to stay, you’re probably not one of those high maintenance folk.
If you’ve been in touch and we don’t invite you for the weekend because we entertain like we used to, no offense but we really don’t entertain like we used to these days. Just takes too much out of us.

But Jan and Vincent among several other dear friends, are always invited, and we can’t wait to see them again.

So for today, Fifty Five Is The New Contemplation on Guests…missing Jan and Vincent…wishing to see them again.

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