>Information Station

>”….And now for the news.”  Isn’t that how folks like David Brinkley used to begin it?  The day’s events brought to you by a trusted face and a well known brand of tooth paste.  They still do it that way, although I sometimes wonder just how much of what’s being reported is the true and complete story.

The media is more and more controlled by the commercial interest, it seems so at any rate.  The news most particularly seems to have fallen under the weight of their sponsors’ desires. Especially since many of these sponsors are also owned or chaired or supported by persons with lots of money to throw around and lots of things they want to have done.

No network is immune to this problem….not public broadcasting, not the sacred cows (NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MS NBC, etc.). I wonder where we can get the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

I’ve taken to watching Fox News Network as a form of balance….listening to all sides, checking my own facts, making up my own mind.  Some folks I know probably think I’m a traitor, but no.  True open mindedness means that there’s a willingness to look at all points of view thereby making an informed decision on a thing, idea, concept or news story.

If that’s not the popular way to do things, so be it!  It’s my way of doing things…..that’s it, that’s all.

So for today, Fifty Five Is The New Information Station….and boy do we need some! Clear and unbiased and untethered by political or commercial constraints.

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