Waiting anxiously for tomorrow and a visit from dear friends….it’s like anticipating a holiday or a fantastic meal, one wants to savor not only their visit but the moments leading up to it as well. We straightened out the house, best as possible for two middle aged musicians-hey, it’s an okay excuse-even chased most of the dust bunnies away.
Except for Victor. He lives in the hallway and seems to hide when he hears the broom coming.  Then he’ll pop his puffy self out in the middle of the floor for all to see as guests ascend the stairs. Don’t tell me those things aren’t some type of life form!  Victor defies most cleaning agents, be it broom, vacuum or elbow grease.

I’ve seem him make mops cry…make dust mops give up in disgust…and those new fangled ones…the Swifter?  Oh please!  Victor just laughs, and laughs and laughs. Now there’s a commercial on t.v. about a thing that’s supposed to attract dust and dirt.  The little beasties are shown just about having orgasms over being ” picked up” by this product.  Not that I think it would defeat our dust bunny.  No, Victor’s demise will come via some major cleaning ritual when there’s enough gumption and Endust sprayed on the head of a dustmop covered in a runner-filled, freshly dryered stocking! Nothing beats the old remedies! As soon as my hose gets a runner, all I can say is Victor’s days are surely numbered!

But besides Victor, the house is fairly clean…I want to wake up early and make a cake or something for the occasion. Probably should have done it tonight, but there’s only so much energy left at the end of the day.
They should be coming by early afternoon, so the timing will be perfect.

Can’t wait to see them…prayers for their safe journey and for a good visit.  May they be comfortable.

For now, Fifty Five Is The New Anticipation….waiting on seeing friends, looking forward to spending time together. Just us, our kitty and Victor and perhaps a little wine.

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