1000 Years of Wisdom

China’s president Hu is visiting the United States.  There’s lots of pomp and circumstance, lots of speech making and translating, and of course the State Dinner, which is anything BUT rubber chicken!  I wonder what they did serve?  Chinese food? American Steak and Potatoes?  Hmm…

We are in a precarious situation with China, but then again they depend on us too…so there are some bargaining chips on the table that we can use.  Yes, we owe them a lot of money, but they also depend on us for purchasing their exported goods. So there is some room for talk.

I worry that the human rights violations continue to be overlooked or swept under the political rug for sake of expediency.  These people’s deaths weren’t all that expedient.  Many suffered long, arduous torture, imprisonment and worse before death, at that point merciful death, was finally granted.  And even that sometimes was a drawn out affair.

Saying that China has a lot of room for improvement in this area is an understatement. But I pray that there is more than just room for improvement, I hope improvement happens. As China grows into the modern world, I pray its leaders have to stop acting like feudal lords over their people and permit them to have the individual freedoms they lack.

Governing a people isn’t easy work….it takes more than skill and patients, it takes wisdom, which for the most part comes with time.

So for today, Fifty Five is 1000 years of wisdom, which is what our leaders need these days. And so do we.

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