Crystal Globe Power Ball  by rcw

Jan and Vincent are coming to visit at the end of the week, so we’re doing a good housecleaning and putting away most of the holiday decorations.  I’m going to keep up the small tree in our studio, which will be doubling as a guest room for a couple of days….thanks to inflatable mattresses, extra blankets, pillows and an electric heater.

The stockings no longer hang on the mantle with care, the dream catcher remains-its permanent home since we moved from our diningroom/bedroom/studio down to the front part of the flat. The holidays were festive and restive. Good times spent with our West Coast family and friends.  I hope to see our East Coast folks in the coming year.  It’s been a while.

My Mom is in her ’80s now; living on her own since Dad died. She gets around, still goes to church, the doctor, the market and so on. Brothers and Sister live back east, within a couple of hours of Mom’s abode. Being on the Left Coast has its limitations; we talk a couple of times a week…nice phone visits, better than nothing.

Funny, when we first moved out here I didn’t get home sick.  I won’t call what’s going on exactly that…but I do feel a sense of….what? ……bittersweet?   Wishing to have been there for the important stuff; births, graduations, weddings and so on.  I’ve attended a lot of the funerals. Not exactly where one goes when hoping for a cheery family reunion.

Anyway, along with straightening up the house, packing away the holiday and making ready for friendly visits, I’m kicking out cobwebs, dusting off dreams and making plans.

So for today, Fifty Five Is The New Visitors….Jan and Vincent, will be great to see them again!

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