So much going on about the Arizona shootings.  How could such a thing happen? Couldn’t anybody tell that guy was going off his rocker?

Those videos and blog posts…sheesh!  His father chasing him into the desert hours before the event…sheesh again!  And just look at that mug shot!  I’m sorry, but the guy looked like he was thinking from another realm, if you get my meaning.

So senseless….so ridiculous.  Meaningless?  Nothing is meaningless.  My prayer is that this event doesn’t cause us to be less free as a society.  My fear is that some will pass laws that take away our freedoms.

Something does need to happen, but that ain’t it.   We need to stop being so polarized…we need to work together as a society.  We can have different opinions and still work together.

Please….May the Holy Spirit of Peace and the Healing Power of Love abide and grow in the hearts and minds of all, amen.

For today, Fifty Five Is the New Prayer…same as the old prayer, for peace, common sense and a healthy dose of humanity. Amen.

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