Interesting date, this..looking at it kind of reminds me of things like computer addresses.  As I said, interesting.

The world is in it’s usual state, regardless of date or time the place just has it’s own way of doing things….countries still at war, people committing all kinds of bad things on one another….a steady dose of that could drive a person to drink! Or worse!

So, rather than getting all caught up in the drama…I’m going to take a whole different look at the world on this auspicious day, and see it for the beauty and the possibilities that exist in it….because it is a place of perpetual wonder.

Our world wasn’t made to be destroyed, that will happen soon enough in the grand scheme of things.  The argument could be made that we are merely part of the nature of things and that all that we do, even the destructive things, are just part of that process.

Or, we could look at our selves; see the vast power of our minds, the abilities we have for thinking, making, planning, doing….and the incredible possibility we have of tapping into energies greater than ourselves…..seeing these things lets us know that we can change the future, we can rise above self-destruction and choose to strive for higher purposes.

At the same time, we must be aware that this higher purpose is not some boiler-plate form of governance or justice…life is not “one size fits all.”   We have to come to a point where we can observe the big picture without forgetting the pixels, the details that make up the whole thing.   A happy medium that promotes individual rights and corresponding responsibilities along with global concerns.

So for today, Fifty Five Is The New 1.11.2011….it’s the only time this date will be here, and a good chance to re-examine what is possible if we only try.

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