Insanity….Arizona in the Cross Hairs

I was going to write about other things today, but this morning’s news supersedes any self-serving words I might have to say.

Arizona Shooting 1/9/2011

We are living in crazy, dangerous times and I don’t know what to do about it.  We can’t simply outlaw guns and think that will change anything. It won’t.  Our inhumanity toward one another goes back much further than modern weapons.  Hell!  We’ve been clubbing one another to death, beating each other with rocks and even just doing the dirty deed with our bare hands since just about the time we first walked as humans!  Even before that, if you travel the Darwinian trail.

Why? There are many theories.  Some think there are just so many of us humans populating the world, that it’s a reaction to this overcrowding.  Others blame inbreeding, or Hollywood or video games or rap music….some cite PTSD as a possible contributor to the cause.  Hard to say.

What I do know is that it must take a real special version of tunnel vision to allow a person to consider themselves the only entity of relevance in the world…..megalomania, with a twist of God complex that makes a person feel they have the right to take another person’s life.

My heart is aching for those who fell victim to this latest tragedy.

Today, Fifty Five is a very confusing thing.  I know that what doesn’t kill us makes us strong, but days like this make me wonder just how strong?

So, Fifty Five Is The New Insanity….Arizona in the Cross Hairs….pray God we humans get past our blood lust some day.

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