Mercury in retro….

Ever have one of those days when everything you say seems to be taken backwards, and no matter what you try to do nothing goes right?  It’s like Murphy’s Law decided to squat down on your life and take a huge one…!

String Dance  by rcw

Astrologers say that this sort of thing happens when Mercury is in retrograde. I wonder if that’s what’s wrong with the world.

I mean, look around.  Things are going bass-ackwards. The bad guys are good, the good guys are bad, night is day and there is no such thing a global warming even though the polar ice caps are melting.

Huh? What’s going on?
Must be that Mercury thing!

Our country is in desperate need of its own oil supply while developing alternate energy sources, but even though the ban on drilling in the Gulf is lifted, our country is not drilling.  Is that you, Mercury?

Our money would benefit greatly by having some national product production going on to give it some value and us something on the international market but no! We can’t. We’ve given all our jobs away, outsourced to less expensive countries because our nation is too expensive for businesses to operate.  I’ll bet Mercury was in on that one, too!

The government wants to pass laws before anybody reads them, but insists that it is operating under strict transparency….smells like Mercury to me!

Crazy, crazy crazy!

Well I for one am on the alert. Mercury may be able to play havoc on the world, but I’m keeping my eye out for too many crossed signals in my own life.  I’ll get a pair of hip boots just in case it gets too deep!

For now, Fifty Five is the new Mercury in retro…spinning things inside out to the tune of a cosmic rumba! Care to dance?

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