Maze Ball  by rcw

“It is a puzzlement!’ to quote the King from the King and I; and indeed he is right.  We live in a place full of mazes, twists and turns…right when we start feeling comfortable with how things are going, something comes along and throws a banana peel on the ground and watches the fun.


The world is doing what it’s dong today…Oh, I could check the news and get all caught up on current events-which usually amount to little more than body counts and political rhetoric. 

But then again, why?  What earthly good could it possibly let me know about that I can’t find out some other time, when I’m in the mood to be angry and scared. I know!  This way I’ll know what kind of toothpaste to buy!  Or what kind of deoderant, or how to fix my hair, or where to send my poodle to be clipped!  There are a million reasons to watch the news that have absolutely nothing to do with watching the news. so you know what?  I’m not going to give any of them my time.

That’s better already!

 So for today, Fifty Five Is The New News….the world is, and is ours.

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