Day Off

Sketch of Wylie by rcw

Lazy day…..after so many days of hard work leading up to the holidays, then the holidays themselves….it’s been exhausting!  So today is my day of rest, and being Sunday it’s even appropriate!  I got the dishes done, but little else….oh well.

Even our cat is being lazy.  He’s curled up in his new favorite toy, a shoe box…looking like he’s dreaming about playing or running…his little legs wiggling while he sleeps.  Sometimes I even hear his little snore…so cute.

What’s really adorable is when he and Jack are both crashed out together on the bed.  A lot of the time they end up in similar positions; flat on their backs with arms and legs spread, leaving nothing to the imagination, or curled up in blankets like a couple of burritos!  What can be cuter than that?

I’ll keep this entry short.  I could go into lengthy discussions on the day’s events…..but I’m taking the day off…my soap box is taking the day off too. I’m not too worried about it though, there’s bound to be more tomorrow!

But for today Fifty Five Is the New Day Off, because that’s what it is…and I deserve it!

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