Year 2011

View from the studio

It’s here.  2010 is gone and 2011 is here….a clean slate (albeit with a bit of junk in the trunk from previous years), an opportunity to try again.

We humans are fortunate in that!  It seems we’re given several tomorrows to work with….lots of second chances.  Somebody out there likes us, eh?

Last night Jack and I went to the store and got a few last minute supplies…milk, eggs, bread and a little “nippy” for ringing in the New Year.

On the way home, we stopped by some of the places we used to live at when we were in the bus.  China Basin sure has changed!  For the better, I think….although it would have been nice to find a compromise where vehicularly housed San Franciscans could have continued living their lives.  We sure tried!  Even had a Working Group.  We met with S.F. Board of Supervisors members, tried to make it happen. 

Apparently the city had other ideas for the property.

Anyway….While we were out, we stopped to watch the sun set on the last day of 2010 before making our way home.  Once home we got comfortable and picked up our music….stopping briefly to wish friends well for  the New Year. 

I wanted to stay up and write through the first full night of the New Year…that’s been my custom for a very long time.  But this cold has me operating on less than full strength, so I was asleep by 2 a.m.

This morning we woke in plenty of time to watch the Rose Parade, another tradition since I can remember.
I felt more hopeful this morning than I have in a long time, and hope the feeling sticks.

So for today, Fifty Five Is The New Year 2010…let’s hope, pray and work together to make our country, and our world, a safer, better place to live.

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