Happy Camper

On the Road circa 2009

Going through a few more photos….stumbled across this one.  Jack and I went on a great road trip in 2009…..we meandered about and stopped by for a visit with our friends Jan and Vincent up in Shasta. 

We love to cruise, especially dirt roads and new places.  Sometimes it gets a little scary, looking over the side of a cliff as our car winds its way around in the gravel and clay.  I’ll confess to a couple of moments when things got a little hairy, but if a person doesn’t raise their pulse rate once in a while, how do they even know if they’ve lived?!!  Jack is an excellent driver and has always gotten us home safe, no matter how intricate the maneuvers!

We also like to camp, so our kind of a road trip is perfect!  We don’t go to “campsite” camps….we prefer to rough it as much as possible.  We have a few favorite spots, Mendocino National Forest is top of the list for “local” fare.   Dirt roads,  no blacktop parking lots or check-in desks.  To us, heaven is a nice, private spot under the trees near the creek.  If it has a fire pit, fine.  If not, we make one by digging a round hole and lining it with rocks.

Camping is in my blood.  My family did it a lot when we were growing up….between childhood, scouting and a stint or two of homelessness,  I’ve had a pretty good education on how to get along in the “wild.”  Jack’s done a fair amount of camping too through his life, so we make a real good team on the road.

We’re hoping to get out there again soon….a little weekend away would be nice.  When we do, we’ll make sure to take plenty of pictures and videos.  Sometime I hope to do some winter camping, but at the same time I’m realistic….arthritis doesn’t like the cold, at least mine doesn’t.

Anyway, for today, Fifty Five Is The New Happy Camper…looking back on past adventures and looking forward to the next!


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